“Those who appear in our lives
As we walk along our paths
make the trail shorter, more enjoyable,
and even teach us to be better.”

Luiza Maria Reis

… my friend, my partner, my love. In addition to support, the ability to extract the best, the essence of everything.

Maria Aparecida Sabino

… my beloved mother, example of strength and work. Your affection and love were the sources of my sensitivity.

Fer Machado
David Taboada

… the support, the long conversations and the incredible ability to always get it right. It would be of no use if humility were not present.

Here is a good part of all of you …

Andreia Aquino
André Guelfi
Scabar Family
Zerbinatti Coelho Family
John Ingham McNeill
Paula Hsieh
Paulo Reis Neto
Pedro Folegotto
Roni Amaral Carneiro