The finishes used are composed of natural oils, biodegradable ecological solvent, carnauba and beeswax, without dyes or toners.

Resistant and durable, they are perfect for protecting wooden objects and furniture, maintaining their natural appearance and color, enhancing their natural tones and veins.

The wood used is Brazilian and of legal origin.

As much wood waste as possible is reused in production.

Furthermore, each piece sold goes towards planting native trees from the Atlantic Forest, in deforested areas of the Cantareira System, one of the main water sources in the world. This happens through the partnership that the studio has with the NGO Green Initiative and the Amigo da Floresta program.

The products are delivered packed in reforested pine wooden boxes and all internal packaging is made with craft paper and cardboard, with minimal adhesive tape and no plastic.

Because they are artistic, handcrafted and timeless, Chico Margarita’s pieces are special, made to last and accompany the life of whoever chose them and, as a result, provide a second and long life for the wood. They are not easily replaced, they are not the result of fads, and this contributes to the sustainability of our planet.