SABINO chair / GABRIEL stool

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SABINO chair

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Chair in solid wood and extremely comfortable,
due to its organic, lightweight design with continuous lines and rounded corners.
Practically a sculpture in rough wood, due to the lack of straight lines.
Slightly turned-out feet and workpiece fittings provide increased durability and stability. Finished with waxes and natural oils, which give an extremely soft texture, as well as highlighting the original wood grain, maintaining its natural appearance.

approximate measurements (38 cm wide x 50 cm deep x 98 cm high)

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The amount of beautiful woods with excellent quality that our country offers us is a great privilege!
To appreciate, with the touch, the sinuosity of the design and the softness of this bench, and to verify that this makes the beauty of the wood sprout, highlighting its natural designs, its veins, is a unique experience. Feel the beauty in touch!
Ergonomic, original design, organic, robust, comfortable, unique with smooth lines.
It can be produced with only one type of wood or distinct types combined.
In the options Freijó, Sucupira, Catuaba and Roxinho.

approximate measurements (39 cm wide x 39 cm deep x 46.5 cm high)

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