(Iris, Margarida e Lírio)

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Flowers enchant and inspire. Each one with its peculiarities, its design. And all unique in their beauty.

IRIS – The Iris flower was named after the goddess of mythology, Iris, who was known for being a messenger who used the rainbow as transport. Because of the different colors that this flower can have, it was named that way.

DAISIES – Delicate, simple, field flower. Of the games of love-me-not and bad-me-not.
This flower, which worships the sun, represents purity, of body and spirit, innocence, sensitivity, childhood and youth, love, as well as peace, kindness and affection. Margarida comes from the Latin name MARGARITA, coming from the Greek margarítes, which means “pearl”. The Greeks acquired this name from the Persian murvarid, murwari, which originally means “creature of light”.

LILY – One of the meanings attributed to the word Lily is Eternal Love. It was named that way by the Chinese people, who have cultivated the species for many centuries. In China it means abundance and is the flower associated with the arrival of summer. In many other parts of the world, lilies are considered the kings of flowers.

approximate measurements
IRIS (38 cm width x 38 cm length x 42 cm height)
MARGARIDAS (35 cm width x 35 cm length x 42 cm height)
LÍRIO (40 cm width x 28 cm length x 42 cm height)