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“In In Japanese culture, the cherry tree (Sakura桜)
was associated with the samurai,
whose life ofservitude was as ephemeral
as the brevity of the flower that grows on the tree.”

Chest drawers with marquetry on top and sides, in a continuous design.  Almost entirely made from Freijó which makes up the structure and facing of the drawers.
The marquetry of this piece represents the cherry blossom, a tree originally from Asia, forming a continuous design, which runs through two sides of the furniture – the front and the top. Due to the complexity of the design, three distinct marquetry techniques were required.
The front projection of the piece makes it lighter and more modern, highlighting the design of the natural wood veins.
Precise dovetail drawer fixtures translate into durability and quality.

approximate measurements (97 cm wide x 43.5 cm deep x 80 cm high)