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TORII (鳥居) is a traditional Japanese portal, linked to the Shinto religion, which marks the entrance or proximity to a shrine. More than an architectural ornament, it symbolizes the opening to a divine state, the passage from the mundane (material) to the sacred. The Japanese believe that by passing through TORII, one is entering a sacred environment. Like this bench, the TORII is usually made of wood. Its columns (or feet, in the case of the bench) represent the foundations that support the sky, while the beams (represented on the bench by the crossbars and seats) symbolize the earth.

Bench with innovative and differentiated design throughout the piece, with 4 support feet in very strong angulation, independent seats for greater comfort for those who sit. Seats with organic design. Application of elegant marquetry, in ebonized wood, on the seat and main beam. In addition, the TORII bench has ganzepe-type fittings – traditional and laborious joinery, which allows the natural movements of the wood to take place without affecting the integrity of the furniture.  

approximate measurements (200 cm wide x 50 cm deep x 50 cm high)