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The CLOSE Side Table was conceived in a different era.
A moment when we “closed” ourselves to the external world and thus, we had the opportunity to look inside ourselves, to evaluate ourselves, to see better the world we live in and the life we choose to have.
In that time of reflection, it was wonderful to experience true friendships, those that time took care of polishing. This piece, in a way, materializes the importance of these relationships.

Side table with inlaid top.
A creation that involved 3 different styles of surface adornment: marquetry itself, background and engraving, composing an innovative design style.
Practically all made with Freijó wood, this is a completely rounded piece, without edges, fluid, very characteristic traits of Chico Margarita’s design that bring delicacy, at the same time that they translate durability and robustness through the solid wood structure.
The asymmetrical bars, which join the feet at the bottom, reinforce its organic design.

approximate measures (60 cm diameter x 73 cm high)