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Sao Sebastiao Island
Villa Bella da Princesa, Which enchants us
with its names and its beaches, waterfalls and its lush green,
its birds and dolphins, its hills and landscapes, its boats and its village,
And now… your Table.”

Piece that combines the robustness of the large proportions with the fine work of the design (both on the top and on the feet), the finish and the marquetry.
Innovation in the top, composed of 2 solid wooden boards, opening a “breath”, which gives movement, lightness to the piece Preservation of the original contours of the tree bark, associated with the delicate work of the rounded edges and the softness of the finish.
Marquetry combines engraving and inlay.
Top made with Canela wood and feet in Freijó wood.

approximate measures (300 cm long x 120 cm wide x 75cm high)