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“For a nation that, like others, has its virtues, but where
education and respect for traditions are inherent in its culture.
It is no coincidence that they have the oldest continuous monarchy
in the world, now in its 125th dynasty.
Congratulations to the descendants of Jimmu!
Congratulations to the Chrysanthemum Throne (菊 –Kiku) and especially the People!”

Made from Pau Marfim wood, with handles and drawer structures in Freijó, it has a slender and clean design.  The arrangement of the two drawers on opposite sides give the piece the balance it needs.
The legs are organic and delicate, though solid in design.
The flower marquetry is original and continuous, occupying two planes – front and top. The Chrysanthemum is the symbol of the Japanese Imperial family. It perfectly and masterly represents the sun and it depicts more than 300 open petals, giving it a unique, distinctive and elegant appearance. It signifies longevity, rejuvenation, prosperity, friendship, joy, optimism and faithfulness.

Can be produced for right and left handed
approximate measurements (110 cm wide x 70 cm deep x 82 cm high)