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SÃO JOSÉ table
Joseph, husband of Mary, father of Jesus. Protector of Workers and Families
, is venerated as SAINT JOSÉ in various churches and cities around the world.
Beloved by his son Jesus and sanctified by Catholics, Joseph is also known for being a worker and a carpenter.
No wonder Carpenter’s Day (March 19) is celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day.
Personally, I think it’s special to have the same profession as the father of Jesus. I’m proud of him for being who he is.
I also find it curious to think that, 2,000 years ago, there were people who worked like I do.
And many of the tools are even the same as they were then.
I honor him at this table, beautiful and unique, created to bring the family together.
in a beautiful house in CONDOMÍNIO TERRAS DE SÃO JOSÉ, in Itú – SP

In this piece, the curves on the feet break the straight and common traits that we normally see on table legs.
On the top, I opted for a very subtle design based on the intentional conversion of the veins to the central point of the table, enhancing the natural designs of the wood.
In the center of the top, application of subtle, discreet, elegant marquetry.

approximate measurements (2.95 m long x 1.45 m wide)