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PERRI table

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…It all started with a few doodles on a very small piece of paper that our friend Adriana made.
From that initial idea, we were inspired and created the PERRI table.

Top in Pau Ferro with metallic fillet inlays and feet in Freijó. The top’s geometry is represented in an original way through the hollow elements of the feet.
Made in other sizes too.

approximate measurements (4 m long x 1.5 m wide)

SÃO JOSÉ table

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SÃO JOSÉ table
Joseph, husband of Mary, father of Jesus. Protector of Workers and Families
, is venerated as SAINT JOSÉ in various churches and cities around the world.
Beloved by his son Jesus and sanctified by Catholics, Joseph is also known for being a worker and a carpenter.
No wonder Carpenter’s Day (March 19) is celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day.
Personally, I think it’s special to have the same profession as the father of Jesus. I’m proud of him for being who he is.
I also find it curious to think that, 2,000 years ago, there were people who worked like I do.
And many of the tools are even the same as they were then.
I honor him at this table, beautiful and unique, created to bring the family together.
in a beautiful house in CONDOMÍNIO TERRAS DE SÃO JOSÉ, in Itú – SP

In this piece, the curves on the feet break the straight and common traits that we normally see on table legs.
On the top, I opted for a very subtle design based on the intentional conversion of the veins to the central point of the table, enhancing the natural designs of the wood.
In the center of the top, application of subtle, discreet, elegant marquetry.

approximate measurements (2.95 m long x 1.45 m wide)

CLOSE side table

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The CLOSE Side Table was conceived in a different era.
A moment when we “closed” ourselves to the external world and thus, we had the opportunity to look inside ourselves, to evaluate ourselves, to see better the world we live in and the life we choose to have.
In that time of reflection, it was wonderful to experience true friendships, those that time took care of polishing. This piece, in a way, materializes the importance of these relationships.

Side table with inlaid top.
A creation that involved 3 different styles of surface adornment: marquetry itself, background and engraving, composing an innovative design style.
Practically all made with Freijó wood, this is a completely rounded piece, without edges, fluid, very characteristic traits of Chico Margarita’s design that bring delicacy, at the same time that they translate durability and robustness through the solid wood structure.
The asymmetrical bars, which join the feet at the bottom, reinforce its organic design.

approximate measures (60 cm diameter x 73 cm high)

TINA table

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The TINA Table is a glass-topped table with solid wood frame made from Freijó.
With an EXCLUSIVE design, consisting in the total absence of corners, it accentuates the organic design that marks the work of designer CHICO MARGARITA.
Sits 10 people comfortably and the colour of the glass on the top can be chosen by the customer – the full colour palette is available.

approximate measures (270 cm long x 110 cm wide x 75cm high)


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On the top, the incredible beauty of our freijó wood and the marquetry work with different woods.
MANDALA, which in Sanskrit means “circle”, is a representation of the dynamic relationship between man and the cosmos, through concentric geometric shapes and subdivisions, more or less regular.
For many, MANDALA is just a decorative object, but it means much more than that.
It is present in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.
In Catholic churches, between the 16th and 18th centuries, it was used to decorate walls and stained glass windows.
The emergence of the first MANDALAS came from the eighth century in India. Soon after, they were also seen in China and Japan.
In Tibet, this type of painting is widely used, mainly by Buddhist monks to help with concentration and meditation.
It is referred to by the expression “Khyil-Khor”: center of the Universe, in which the Divine and Enlightened Being resides.
WOOD MANDALAS are also a tradition of Buddhism, representing the abode of some sacred deity.
For this reason, they are often used as gifts for people.

approximate measurements (2.7 m long x 1.2 m wide)


CLIQUE AQUI and see some of his production (video – production)

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Sao Sebastiao Island
Villa Bella da Princesa, Which enchants us
with its names and its beaches, waterfalls and its lush green,
its birds and dolphins, its hills and landscapes, its boats and its village,
And now… your Table.”

Piece that combines the robustness of the large proportions with the fine work of the design (both on the top and on the feet), the finish and the marquetry.
Innovation in the top, composed of 2 solid wooden boards, opening a “breath”, which gives movement, lightness to the piece Preservation of the original contours of the tree bark, associated with the delicate work of the rounded edges and the softness of the finish.
Marquetry combines engraving and inlay.
Top made with Canela wood and feet in Freijó wood.

approximate measures (300 cm long x 120 cm wide x 75cm high)


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“The time for courage …
Courage to leave your land, sail the seas leaving everything behind.
The search for a better life, for family happiness.
In the luggage, your best tools and the skills inherited from the homeland.
The courage to believe …

The completely inlaid top, with design inspired by the Italian consecrated dash.
As a counterpoint, the table has light and modern lines, supported by a single column, thus providing balance to its design.

approximate measurements (170 cm diam. x 75 cm high)

GUELFI center table

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A beautiful center table, with solid wood structure and glass top, highlighting the unique design of the base.
The curved design is evident and brings out the natural lines. Each face of the wooden structure is unique, differing from the others.
All made in Freijó, with traditional fixtures, it allows for the use of woods with diverse textures and colours.

approximate measures (155 cm long x 54cm wide x 37 cm high)

NAIPES table

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A table for eight places, all made from Freijó with a beautiful marquetry work on the surface and sides, made for the lovers of card games.
Made from solid Freijó, with marquetry using natural woods like Roxinho, Ebonized Oak, Marfim and Imbuia.

approximate measures (160 cm long x 90 cm wide x 75 cm high)

JUNQUE sound table

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Life is music. It demands rhythm, harmony, melody, words, expression, creative freedom. Life is vibration. It’s made of waves. It’s pure energy.
Music is life. It communicates, connects, excites, touches, remembers, shivers, pulses. It is diverse, it is rich, it is open and democratic.
In life, with its different notes, we are all multiples. Fathers and Mothers who, at the same time, are sons and daughters. Engineers who love to cook. Doctors who are musicians. Administrators who are also teachers.
Life allows us a thousand possibilities of combinations of talents and extravasation of lights that live inside us.
We can compose our life and dance the beauty we want to see and live. And that’s wonderful.
Custom Design.
Made with Freijó and Sucupira woods.

approximate measures (72 cm long x 66 cm wide x 93 cm high)